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Present status of using e-book in selected university libraries of Bangladesh

This study presents the scenario of the selected private and public university library e-book performance through UGC digital library in Bangladesh. Moreover, this study tries to calculate the university’s library performance through quantitative and qualitative data analysis methods where used eight university’s library data and their respective students and professional respondents. This study finds that most of the university’s library to join a member of UGC digital library and also smoothly runs the e-book services and others online reading services. However, this study further finds that in university’s library sector runs their operation by unskilled human resources for operating ILS software and IT activities. Due to less skilled human resources, many students and users could not get proper services. As a result, many e-book users have faced the critical problem in conducting their operation such as reading books, journals, and newspapers. Finally, this study assists the decision makers to take more attention to the significant e-book library activities that may help in increasing the efficiency positions and skilled manpower’s and also ensuring favorable quality education and e-book user’s productivity. Moreover, this study will assist the management of the university’s library in Bangladesh in setting up plans and technological strategies in future.

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