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Public Relations Practices in Academic Libraries

Purpose- The paper seeks to increase awareness on library activities that can help in promoting public relations in academic libraries. Academic libraries assist the university in the discharge of their functions by acquiring all relevant information resources necessary for sustaining the teaching, learning, research and public services functions of the universities. Therefore, libraries activities geared towards establishing mutual lines of communication should be of great concern to the library management. This paper also aims to x-ray the roles of librarians as public relations officers in the academic libraries.

Design/methodology/approach– The paper uses a descriptive survey research approach to carry out this investigation. Questionnaire was administered to 62 librarians in the selected academic libraries in Delta State.

Findings– The investigation reveals that the major activities put in place in the libraries to promote public relations are exhibition and display, selective dissemination of information, user education as well as referral services. While extension and outreach services, regular assessment of staff attitude, regular library publications and Participating in campus extra curriculum activities yielded a low result. Also, the study revealed that librarians play the role of public relations officers in the libraries due to the nature of their services centered on mutual relationship for effective service delivery.

Originality/ Value- Public relations is a prerequisite for the effective functioning of academic libraries. There are many activities in the library if provided fully and effectively will help to promote public relations in the library. These activities includes exhibition/ display, provision of information literacy programme, provision of specialized services, extension and outreach services, users education, adequate provision of seating and study facilities, inter-library loan, document delivery, regular assessment of staff attitude, etc.  

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