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Resource Sharing and Networking among Schools of Nursing Libraries: Innovations for Research and Improving Health Services in Nigeria

Schools of Nursing Libraries are faced with the need to provide services to an increasing number of student nurses, and to cope with huge rises in the cost of books and periodicals. Resource sharing and networking is becoming the common desire    and practice  of every library, it is paramount to note that schools of Nursing library all over Nigeria need to speak a common language lest they tend to become isolated from each other and from the latest development available to them. To reposition these libraries, the paper suggest the shifting of emphasis from the traditional library practice of building personal collections to a modern attempt, to expand the availability of specialized, expensive, or just plain not-owned resources beyond the bounds of a single institution. Considering the benefits of resource sharing and networking, the study, then, proposed that it is time for the better equipped schools of nursing libraries to initiate a collaborative project leading to a start point toward a national health information network.

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