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Response of Library and Information Science Schools in India to Information Literacy: An Analytical Study

Information in contemporary societies has attained importance and is regarded as an arsenal for overall progress and prosperity of the societies. However, there is too much information available to those who need and use information in different formats. People face different problems while searching a particular piece of information in the vast ocean of information. How to search, access, filter and ultimately utilize this information is the big challenge to the humankind in the present era of information and knowledge explosion. In order to face this challenge, Information literacy (IL) has been introduced in order to create information literate persons who are able to make optimum utilization of information. Present paper highlights the concept of information literacy and the role of library professionals in promoting information literacy. Research regarding the response of the schools of library and information science towards the concept of IL is also explored in the paper.  Curriculum of the fourteen LIS schools in Northern India was studied in order to find out the inclusion rate. Analysis of the data reveals that fifty percent of the schools have incorporated it in their curriculum while rest of the schools has not yet included IL in the curriculum. Time is now appropriate that authorities concerned with education in library and information science must take appropriate measures to include IL in the curriculum.

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