ISSN: 2249 - 0213

     A Quarterly Open Access Journal

Review of International Librarianship Open-Access Journals Conformity with ISO Standards

This article is about the comparison of international librarianship open-access journals with ISO standards, a checklist consisting 109 informational items has been developed.108 journals published on the Directory of open access journals site have been studied. The data are as follows: ISO standards compliance in open- access journals is below 50% , standards compliance  with publishing journal titles 100%, on-line saving articles in journals 81%, review efficiency in search structure of journals 85%, potential use of Boolean operators in the retrieval system of journals 90%, search efficiency in publishing journal languages 70%, potential storage of retrieved items 93%, search potential in journal articles 64.4%, that all are above 50%, informational items in table of contents 69%, stating publication status at the same place 12%, presentation of informational items per article 21%, using sum-up-word operators in search engines 49%.

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