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Satisfaction of Library and Information Science Students with the Services provided by Allama Iqbal Library of Kashmir University

Libraries are established fulfilling the mission and vision of the organizations to which these are attached with. University libraries are established with the aim to support teaching, learning and research related activities performed by students, scholars and faculty members of these universities. Success of any library depends upon the level of satisfaction of the users of that library. Present paper is an attempt to explore the satisfaction level of the post graduate students of the department of library and information science, University of Kashmir. Data when analyzed revealed that majority of the students (100%) visit the library for borrowing information sources however, their frequency of visits is varying. Although catalogue is adopted by the students for accessing the information however, Card catalogue has lost its relevance among the students. Instead Online Public Access Catalogue has gained importance and popularity among students. Overall perception of users about library collection, library services and library automation is good and are almost satisfied with these facets of library.

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