ISSN: 2249 - 0213

     A Quarterly Open Access Journal

The Use of Search Strategies in OPAC: A Comparative Study of Central Library, IIT Delhi; P. K. Kelkar Library, IIT Kanpur and Allama Iqbal Library, Kashmir University

Automated cataloguing has greatly enhanced the search and retrieval operations of libraries. The online computerized catalogue popularly known as OPAC lets to search the terms of user’s choice throughout the database of the holdings of a particular library. Users can make choice from a menu of different options through simple, advance, phrase searching, etc. in OPAC. In order to find out the use of search strategies in OPAC, the investigators have adopted survey method for present study. Under survey method, questionnaire and interview tools were used for collecting the necessary data. The present study reveals that a large number of users are using simple search and lesser number use advance searching. It is worthwhile to note that advance search facilities in OPAC enhance user’s satisfaction by providing filtered, high recall and high precision results. Although, the results of present study reveal that there is no significant difference in using simple search in OPAC among the users of select libraries. Nevertheless, the users of select IITs have taken a clear cut lead in using the advance search facilities in OPAC than the users of Kashmir University. The findings of this study will help the select libraries to take appropriate steps in providing effective short term training course for the maximum utilization of advance search facilities in OPAC. In addition, it will also render a helping hand to other libraries to enhance the usage of OPAC.

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