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Security Control and Disaster Preparedness as Panacea for Preservation and Conservation Practices in University Libraries in South-West, Nigeria

Deterioration of library materials is one of the basic challenges confronting the libraries which have become a global phenomenon. It becomes difficult to replace materials that are stolen, mutilated or plagued by flood or fire at this period of economic recession coupled with the dwindling budgetary allocation to the library, libraries should put all necessary measures in place to avoid potential risk. This study investigates security control and disaster preparedness as panacea for preservation and conservation practices in university libraries in South-west, Nigeria. The study adopted a descriptive survey design. A total enumeration technique was used for selecting 308 respondents for the study. Questionnaire was used for data collection and was analyzed using descriptive statistics. The findings revealed that the traditional security method of library porter is more used than the electronic security system. Fire extinguisher and emergency exit are the major disaster plans on ground. The finding further revealed that the library personnel have adequate training in security and disaster management. The study concluded that the libraries should gear towards proper security and disaster preparedness measure to guide against disaster occurrence. Therefore, the study recommended that libraries should map out a comprehensive insurance scheme with any of the reputable insurance broker to reduce possible risk and embrace electronic security measures for effectiveness against theft, mutilation and other vices.

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