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Social Networking Sites: Awareness and Application by Engineering College Students of Odisha

Purpose of the Study: The social networking sites enable the users to maintain contact with friends and also increase academic knowledge. The purpose of the study aimed at examining the awareness, application, frequency and time spent on using of Social Networking Sites(SNSs) by the students of Engineering colleges in Bhubaneswar , Odisha.
A structured questionnaire was distributed among top ten engineering colleges, out of 57 engineering colleges. These top ten engineering colleges established more than ten years back. Frequency counts and percentage were used to analyze the data.
The findings shows that majority of the users agreed they used Social Networking Sites for study related information and most of the responded SNS technology is greater impact to find their suitable job , studies and career.
The study is an original research work mainly dealing data collected through a survey in top ten engineering colleges, out of 57 engineering colleges. The collections of these libraries have been evaluated. Results highlighting for the major findings, suggestions and conclusion

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