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Societal Marketing approach to public libraries services in North East India

The right ingredient makes a perfect meal and this paper present the marketing mix approach into library services and product as marketing deals with the process of identifying and meeting human and social needs. Societal marketing that have emerged in the early 1970s, promising a more socially responsible and ethical model for marketing. The product, promotion and place in the 4P are look into a new dimension and concentrated on distribution systems which have the potential to minimize cost to the consumer and to maximize timeliness and convenience of location. Taking advantage of the existing infrastructure in web 2.0 environment, methods like: in-house, outreach and remote access can be achieved. The paper examines these three categories of service for their suitability, and considers funding, methods of publicity and the control processes necessary to continuity of service effectiveness looking into the constrain of the remoteness and the social- economic condition of the rural belt of North East India.

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