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Students and Research Scholar’s Attitude towards Overdue Books and Overdue Fine in Tezpur University: A Case Study

This paper intends to study the students and research scholar’s attitude towards library overdue books and overdue fine of Tezpur University. The study also attempted to find out the reasons for keeping library books beyond due date for which students and research scholars pay overdue fine and suggest an effective mechanism to minimize overdue fine for overdue books. Data collected through the questionnaires was organized, analyzed, tabulated and interpreted by using simple statistical method. At present there are 2413 numbers of registered users in the Central Library, Tezpur University. Out of these, 1976 are students and research scholars and other registered users are approximately 437. Survey revealed that most of the students and research scholar’s were in favour of overdue fine policy, since it compels to return borrowed books in time. Findings revealed that the borrowers borrowed library books mainly for examination preparation and for supplementary readings and pay overdue fine mainly because of forgetfulness and not finished with the books. The borrowers suggested that library can minimize the overdue fine by refusing further book loans, sending overdue notice to defaulters via e-mail or mobile alert and publishing defaulter’s name on department or library notice board.

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