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Subject Librarianship Programme Initiatives in Academic Library: the Case of the University of Ghana Library System

The paper describes the initiatives of the University of Ghana Library System (UGLS) in the development of subject librarianship programme in the University of Ghana in the context of roles, competencies/skills, communication, training, collaboration, time and information and communication technologies. The goal of the programme is to provide information or communication link to and between academic departments/units about library services, collection development and instruction and any other developmental issues relevant to the academic departments in the course of their teaching, learming, and research. The paper is largely based on the programme’s development and the preparations that have been made to launch the programme. Lessons to be learnt are derived from literature to ensure the success and sustainability of the project. The indications are that a lot of fruitful preparations were undertaken and the literature has also thrown more light on issues that can be adopted in furtherance and sustenance of the programme. The paper presents information on issues to be considered as this concept is being implemented in the developing world.

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