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Development of Reference Management System in Cloud Computing Environment

Internet is a global communication of notworks of networks across the globe. On the other hand, cloud are the back-end computers where data is stored, processed and dissemination of information resources among the Internet users. Cloud computing is easily managing the local servers for sharing of digital resources from different databases. In its most simple […]

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Applications of Web 2.0 tools in IIT Libraries in India: a Study

Web 2.0 is a second generation website that deals with the ability, of people being able to exchange information online. Web 2.0 based technologies have provided more opportunities and opened up new ways of communicating and collaborating. The transition to Web 2.0 is based on ‘interactive’ use of web. Users can carry on interaction with […]

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Cloud Computing an Emerging Technology: Changing Ways of Libraries Collaboration

Cloud computing is a new technique of computing that is extensively used in today’s’ industry as well as society. It is a contemporary model and one of the latest computer industry buzzwords. Cloud computing brings the revolutionary changes in the world of ICT because of its potential benefits such as reduced cost, accessible anywhere anytime […]

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