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Use of Internet Resources and Services by Faculty of Technical Institutions in Mysore: A Survey

The purpose of present study is to examine how the faculties of technical institutions use the internet resources and its services for their academic activities. The study is intended to explore the use of internet in all its multiplicity, awareness of its services, the problems faced while browsing the NET and influence of the internet […]

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Use of Digital Resources by the Faculty Members of Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu, India: A Survey

Availability of digital resources in a library plays a vital role in facilitating access to required information to the user in an easy and efficient manner. Now-a-days the digital resources like online journals, e-books, CD-ROM databases and Internet are slowly replacing the usages of print media. This study seeks to examine the use of digital […]

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ICT Training for LIS Professionals Working in Engineering Institutions in Chennai: A Study

This paper examines the ICT training methods, level of training, and preferred time for the training. The study was carried out among LIS professionals in Engineering Institutions in and around Chennai. The questionnaire method was used to collect the data from LIS professionals working in the above educational institutions. It is found that majority of […]

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