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Impact of Electronic Information Resources on Users of Social Science Departments in Gulbarga University

The purpose of this paper is to describe the impact of electronic Information resources on user of social science in Gulbarga University. A questionnaire was used to find the answer of questions about the awareness and usage of e resources among user, to identify the level of satisfaction, to measure the impact of electronic resources […]

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Publication Productivity and Impact of Research in University Environment: A Scientometric View

This research paper highlights the current state of scientific research in Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi (Gulbarga) for the period 1989-2014. The study gives an analysis of the volume, productivity and scientific impact of Gulbarga University research as per the records entered in the Thomson Reuters Web of Science publications and citation database (WoS) during the period […]

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Users’ Attitude towards Library Resources in a University Environment: A Case Study of Gulbarga University Library Gulbarga

The present study has been undertaken to find out the user’s attitude comprising of all categories of users of Gulbarga University Library, Gulbarga towards library resources. Based on the survey of 219 users through a questionnaire as a tool for data collection, the paper analysis’s the results on awareness, requirement, usage, comprehensiveness, up-to-datedness, adequacy including […]

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