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Information and Communication Technology and Cataloguers Information Needs and Seking Behaviour in University Libraries in Edo and Delta States, Nigeria

This study investigated Information and communication technology and cataloguers’ information needs and seeking behaviour in university libraries in Edo and Delta states, Nigeria. The study employed a descriptive survey method and questionnaire was the instrument used for data collection. The population of this study consisted of fifty-two (52) cataloguers in all the university libraries in […]

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Exploring the Role of Library in Clinical Information Delivery for the Students of Health Science Universities in Karnataka: A Study

Health Science university libraries represent the vast majority of health professionals and most accessible clinical information resources and services. The role of the library professional is emerging in quality improvement programs that use the information to assist health professionals in improving clinical practices at the point of care. A study was conducted to know the […]

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Information Seeking Behavior of Undergraduate Students of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine of Jimma University

This paper is an outcome of the research study conducted by the authors on information seeking behavior of undergraduate students of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine of Jimma University, Jimma. Data has been collected through a structured questionnaire that was distributed to randomly select 300 students, wherein 289 of them have responded. The collected data has […]

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Government information seeking behaviour of citizens in selected districts of Tanzania

The study assessed the information needs and information seeking patterns of citizens in Tanzania with a particular focus to three districts: Morogoro town, Njombe and Kinondoni districts. Questionnaire survey was self-administered to 450 citizens in selected districts, with a rate of return of 99.6 per cent. Findings revealed that citizens mainly required information on national […]

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Information Seeking Behaviour of Lawyers of the High Court of Punjab and Haryana: A Case Study

The present study aims at an assessment of the information seeking behavior of lawyers of the High Court of Punjab and Haryana, Chandigarh. The questionnaire was used as data collection tool and was distributed randomly among 200 advocates. Total 86 lawyers responded to the questionnaire making response rate of 44%. The study revealed that under influence of Information and […]

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Information needs, Information seeking Behaviour and use of Electronic resources by Research scholars and Faculties in the University and Research libraries of Odisha

This research study state the various aspects relating to information needs, information seeking behaviour and use of electronic resources by research scholars and faculties in the university and research libraries of Odisha. The data were collected from faculties and research scholars of 9 traditional universities and 3 research institutions. A total of 600 questionnaires were distributed randomly in the […]

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Information Needs and Seeking Behaviour of Undergraduates in Ajayi Crowther University Oyo State, Nigeria

The study investigated information needs and seeking behavior of undergraduates in Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo Nigeria. The aim was to determine undergraduate students’ academic information needs and seeking behavior, to establish the problems encountered in the process of information seeking, and suggest strategies for developing healthy information seeking behavior. The survey research was carried out, with samples drawn respondents from […]

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Information Needs and Search Strategies of International Air Travellers in Nigeria

This study examined the information needs, sources and search strategies of international travellers in Nigeria within the backdrop of unfavourable events in the aviation sector in the past ten years. Accidental sampling technique was used to select 203 willing respondents from an undefined number of travellers found at the departure wings of the fourteen international […]

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