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Web Scale Discovery tools for Academic Libraries

Ever expanding set of Web and ICT services has changed the way of learning and communication and research.Discovery system is a platform to facilitate Single Search box to search all resources the Library and it provides result based on relevance. Academic libraries are transforming from federated search technologies to Web Scale Discovery system. The WebScale […]

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Information Retrieval Features of Text Retrieval Engines: A Case Study of Lucene

The paper provides an overview of open access repositories movement in India and highlights on the features and functionalities of some popular open source text retrieval engines viz. Lucene, Solr and Zebra used by the most popular digital library software namely DSpace, NewGenLib and Koha. Paper describes the search features supported by Lucene search engine […]

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Determinants of Television Media Libraries’ Use, Collections, and Services among the Television Media Professionals in Bengaluru: A Study

The purpose of this study is to examine the utilization of television media libraries use, collections and services among the media professional working in various television media at Bangalore, Karnataka. Keeping in view the objectives of the study, a survey method has been adopted and well-structured questionnaire was distributed to collect data about television media […]

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Web-Based Information Retrieval Patterns Among Under Graduates, Post Graduates & Faculty Members in Delhi University: A Study

Web places a dynamic and multifaceted role in education and research. The main objectives of this paper to find out the different web based information retrieval patterns used by undergraduate, postgraduates and faculty members in Delhi University. 100 users were taken as a sample of the study. The data was collect to the North Campus of DU. The questionnaire […]

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Encouraging to Improving the use and search techniques skills on the webbased e- scholarly Databases subscribed by UOBL

This experimental and descriptive user study intend to focus in particular to improve search skills and encourage usage through certain techniques and tips required to formulate queries and searches to get best results of the information needed from the e-scholarly data bases prescribed by the University of Bahrain Library. A user study with 41 participants […]

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International Graduate Students in Academic Libraries: A User Survey Usage of Online Catalog at Emporia State University

Purpose – This study examined the ability of international graduate students to utilize the Emporia State University library’s online Catalog to retrieve information for their research projects. Design/methodology/approach – The data collected through a quantitative method. It consisted of a structured survey questionnaire sent to all graduate students at Emporia State University based at the […]

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