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Role of Membership in Scientific and Specialized Groups of Virtual Social Networks in Increasing Knowledge, Professional Skills and E-Learning: A Case Study

Instant messages applications are a type of media social networks, which provides private communications between individuals. One of instant messaging between people in the world today, especially Iranians, is telegram App. The served experts have launched virtual changes and groups for the beneficial use of this tool Academic and professional groups and virtual channels, which […]

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Use of Web 2.0 Tools among LIS Professionals for managing and sharing of Knowledge in Private Engineering College Libraries of Odisha

Web 2.0 tools have brought dynamic changes in the processes of knowledge management and sharing. These tools have intensively motivated the Library and Information Science (LIS) Professionals working in different libraries and information centers throughout the world. Now a day almost all LIS professionals are aware of these tools for blogging, content sharing and other activities like, online […]

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Applications of Web 2.0 tools in IIT Libraries in India: a Study

Web 2.0 is a second generation website that deals with the ability, of people being able to exchange information online. Web 2.0 based technologies have provided more opportunities and opened up new ways of communicating and collaborating. The transition to Web 2.0 is based on ‘interactive’ use of web. Users can carry on interaction with […]

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