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Availability and management of scholarly output (e-theses) across agricultural libraries of northern India

The basic aim of this study was to assess the availability of e-theses across libraries of north Indian agricultural libraries and also to explore what measures these libraries have taken for ensuring sustainable management (preservation, storage, retrieval and delivery) of their scholarly output. A survey was made during 2015 while using questionnaire as a data […]

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Harvester of Open Access Resources: A Study based on CSIR Institutional Repositories hosted on CSIR Central

This paper analyses CSIR institutional repositories hosted on CSIR-Central. The data regarding the number of documents, full-text availability, open access provision, document types were noted from respective institutional repositories. The analysis shows that CSIR-CGRI repository archived the maximum number of papers followed by CECRI and NCL. The repositories of CEERI, IIIM, NEIST, NPL and CLRI […]

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A Study on Current Scenario of Institutional Repositories among BRICS Countries

This paper is discussed about the current scenario of Institutional Repositories available in BRICS Countries. The relevant is collected from directory of OpenDOAR. Based on the data in Open DOAR, 242 repositories available in BRICS countries. Among the 242, 84(34.71%) repositories from Brazil, 39(16.12%) from China, 68(28.10%) repositories from India, 22(9.109%) repositories from Russia and […]

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Study of Indian Repositories on DOAR

Institutional Repositories ( IR ) disseminates rich source of digitized material drafted and published by scholars .Many of the research institutions and universities across the world are facilitating open access (OA) to their intellectual outputs through their respective OAIR ( Open access Institutional Repositories .Open Archive Initiative (OAI) based service provider harvest metadata from register […]

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