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Awareness of Institutional Repositories and Open Access Publishing Among Researchers in University of Calicut

The paper examined institutional repositories and open access publishing awareness among the researchers in university of calicut. Questionnaire method was adopted to collect data for the study. Major findings of the study were that a large majority of researchers in university of Calicut aware of the concept of institutional repositories and open access publishing. The […]

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Current Status of Chinese Open Access Institutional Repositories: A Case Study

The present study mainly focuses on the current status of Chinese Open Access Institutional Repositories: A Case Study.The present study attempts to determine the current status of open access institutional repositories in China based on the four key constraints, i.e. number of IRs, types, subjects and contents and software used. To fulfill the specified objectives, […]

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Open Access Institutional Repository in the University of Jos: Issues and Challenges

The focus of this study is the use of Open Access Institutional Repository (OAIR) by academic staff of the University of Jos, issues and challenges. This is of interest as OAIR is in consonant with advances in information storage, retrieval and effective service provision in academic institutions. The study is guided by four objectives and […]

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Global Visibility of Indian Open Access Institutional Digital Repositories

Highlights the current state of open access institutional digital repositories (IDRs) of India. It describes and compares characteristics of all institutional digital repositories in terms of content types, repository type, number of records, software used, disciplines covered, languages, technical and operational issues, and policy matter. Lastly, key findings have been highlighted along with suggestions for […]

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Awareness of Lecturers in South-South Federal Universities in Nigeria of Institutional Repositories

Scholars have increasingly expressed dissatisfaction with the existing model of scholarly communication such as high subscription prices for journals and restricted access. These issues have contributed to the quest for alternative modes of preservation and dissemination of information such as institutional repositories (IRs). The purpose of the study is to assess the level of awareness […]

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Changing the Archetype of Information Dissemination Using Open Source Digital Library Technology

The world of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is changing rapidly. New technologies and new opportunities come and go at an ever-increasing speed. The Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) movement is one such development that is drawing great attention among libraries and library professionals. It offers many opportunities for government organizations, private sector, and […]

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