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A Study on the Employability of LIS Graduates in Karnataka: A survey

The changing needs of users’ and rapid development on technological fronts demands new competencies of LIS graduates to enhance employability. The study deals with Employability, Sustainability of course contents with current market needs and Satisfaction to what they have learnt in MLIS/ MLIB. Perception and expectations of library leaders/employers on existing LIS courses and the […]

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What Librarian’s Think of Theft, Mutilation and Misplacement of Library Resources? A Study of Karnataka University Libraries

Library is a place of study such as quite peace full and safe for learning and research activities, libraries are spirit of the academic institution and it plays a vital role by providing knowledge to the people without any bias. But some selfish users are doing the unlawful activities such as theft, mutilation and misplacement […]

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A Circulation Analysis of Books at Bangalore University Library, Bangalore: A Study

The users are prime aspect of any type of library. The collection developments, planning, decision making, organizing, delivering of information in the library should cantered around the needs of the users. The main motive of this study was to examine and analyse books transactions among users of Bangalore University Library, Bangalore.In the study it is […]

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