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Use of Knowledge Organization Tools for Information Processing, in Library Complex of NIMS University, Jaipur, India

This article work titled “use of knowledge organization tools for information processing, in library complex of NIMS University Jaipur”. The study is to find out the use of knowledge organization tools in libraries. To achieve the objectives of the study, three (3) research questions were raised for the study. Survey research was adopted for the […]

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A Survey on the Reading Interest of Pre-Service Teachers In Relation To Some Variables

This study was undertaken to examine the Reading Interest of teacher trainees, of B .Ed. Colleges Surendranagar city. A total of 131 responses were collected in this study. In this study, researcher intended to find out the effect of variables i.e. Gender, Educational Achievement, and Father Occupation on Reading Interest Score (RIS) of Teacher Trainee. […]

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Information Access and Utilization by Faculty of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University in Electronic Era

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have transformed the format of information resources vis-à-vis ways and means of accessing information. This has abolished the constraints of space and time and has taken the information to the desktops of users. This study examines the information access and utilization by faculty of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal […]

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