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Information Seeking Behaviour of Library Users in Select PG Degree Colleges of Chhattisgarh State

A study of “Information Seeking Behaviour of Library Users in Select PG Degree Colleges of Chhattisgarh State” was conducted using Questionnaire method in order to assess their information needs, their information seeking and information searching behaviour and the resultant satisfaction/dissatisfaction with their library resources and services regarding the fulfilment of their information needs (Balaji et […]

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Use and User satisfaction of Library Resources and Services by PG Students and Research Scholars in Bangalore University Library, Bangalore

University Libraries plays an important role in the improvement of the organization. This study focused on user’s satisfaction in library resources and services of the students and research scholars of Bangalore University. The present study discussed with frequency and purpose of visit, use of library resources and services and way of document searching and user’s […]

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Awareness and Utilization of Library Services among Users of Select Women’s College Libraries in Aligarh: a Comparative Study

The purpose of the study is to find out the awareness and utilization of library services by the users of Women’s College and Tika Ram Kanya Mahavidyalaya library, Aligarh. Data for the study was collected via a well-structured questionnaire that was administered to 200 users of select libraries. Out of 200, a total of 175 […]

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Use of Library Resources among Post Graduate Students in Engineering College Virudhunagar District, Tamilnadu

The study was aimed at identifying the needs and the level of awareness of the student community on networks such as internet and the like. Descriptive method has been used in this research. A total of 150 questionnaires were distributed but 120 were returned duly filled in. A structured questionnaire was designed for collecting data […]

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Users’ Attitude towards Library Resources in a University Environment: A Case Study of Gulbarga University Library Gulbarga

The present study has been undertaken to find out the user’s attitude comprising of all categories of users of Gulbarga University Library, Gulbarga towards library resources. Based on the survey of 219 users through a questionnaire as a tool for data collection, the paper analysis’s the results on awareness, requirement, usage, comprehensiveness, up-to-datedness, adequacy including […]

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A Survey of Postgraduate Students Perception of University Library Resources in Selected Nigerian Universities

University is essentially an academic community dedicated to the pursuit of higher learning and teaching .However, a university is populated mostly by students and staff. There are different categories of students in Nigerian universities environment which include the diploma, first degrees and higher degrees students respectively .The post graduate students belong to the higher degrees […]

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