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Information Seeking Behaviour of Library Users in Select PG Degree Colleges of Chhattisgarh State

A study of “Information Seeking Behaviour of Library Users in Select PG Degree Colleges of Chhattisgarh State” was conducted using Questionnaire method in order to assess their information needs, their information seeking and information searching behaviour and the resultant satisfaction/dissatisfaction with their library resources and services regarding the fulfilment of their information needs (Balaji et [...]

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Availability and Use of E-Resources by Users of CKSVIM Library, Vadodara: A Study

The present study focuses on availability and use of e-resources by users of C. K. Shah Vijapurwala Institute of Management (CKSVIM) Library, Vadodara. This study main objective are to identify the awareness of e-resources, know the users internet skills, purpose of use, identify satisfaction level of availability of e-resources, use of different e- resources, satisfactory [...]

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User’s Satisfaction with Library Resources and Services: A Case Study of IIT Libraries in India

This present study is an investigation of user’s satisfaction with library resources and services in IIT libraries in India. A survey research method was adopted to address the research questions. 800 questionnaires were distributed among final year graduate students, postgraduate students, research scholars and faculty members of 7 IIT libraries to collect relevant data regarding [...]

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A Study of Quantitative Growth in Library Collection and Users of Mumbai University Library

The purpose of this study is to analyze the quantitative growth in the collection of books and journals in Mumbai University Library. The descriptive research method was used to study quantitative growth in collection. The study also aimed to find out the ratio of library annual budget to the total budget of University of Mumbai [...]

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Information Seeking Behaviour of Library Users in Women’s Educational Institutions: A Survey

Information seeking behaviour is the human activities with respect to searching various sources, channels including use of that information. The terms, information seeking behaviour, information searching behaviour and information using behaviour are synonymous terms. A survey was taken among Information seeking behaviour of women’s educational institutions library users in Vellore district, Tamil Nadu.

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Library Use Pattern among the Undergraduates of a Nigerian University of Agriculture

This research focused on revealing what needs determine the patronage of an academic library in a federal university of agriculture in Nigeria. Also of interest was the purpose of usage, frequency, collections used and type of usage. The study was conducted during the second semester of 2010/2011 academic session. Survey method was employed with a [...]

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