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Information and Communication Technology and Cataloguers Information Needs and Seking Behaviour in University Libraries in Edo and Delta States, Nigeria

This study investigated Information and communication technology and cataloguers’ information needs and seeking behaviour in university libraries in Edo and Delta states, Nigeria. The study employed a descriptive survey method and questionnaire was the instrument used for data collection. The population of this study consisted of fifty-two (52) cataloguers in all the university libraries in […]

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Awareness and Use of Online Databases and E-journals by Medical Science Students at the University of Lagos, Nigeria

This study investigates the awareness and use of online databases and e-journals by medical science students at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. The study adopted survey design and questionnaire was used as tool for data gathering. The study population was comprised of two-hundred (200) undergraduate medical students who were purposely chosen as sample of the […]

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Preservation and Conservation of Electronic Information Resources in Private University Libraries of South-West, Nigeria

This study examined the preservation and conservation of electronic information resources (EIRs) in private university libraries in South – West, Nigeria. Three objectives were examined for the study namely; causes of deterioration of EIRs in private university libraries in South West, Nigeria; techniques for the preservation of EIRs in private university libraries in South – […]

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Impact of School Library on Students’ Academic Achievement in Iwo Local Government Area of Osun State, Nigeria.

This study investigated the impact of school library on students’ academic achievement in Iwo Local Government Area of Osun State. Despite the importance of school library, its operation in terms of compliance to academic achievement of students’ cannot be overemphasized. Hence the assessment of the student characteristics are determined so as to know the composition of the students to […]

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Assessment of Levels Computer Literacy Skills of library Personnel in University Libraries of North-Central Zone, Nigeria

The focus of this study was Assessment of levels Computer Literacy Skills of library Personnel in University Libraries of North-Central Zone, Nigeria. This is of interest as the present information environment in University libraries requires that, librarians and library officers are skilled in Computer literacy to delivery effective information services that meet users’ needs and […]

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An Assessment of Incentives and Motivation of Workers in Delta State Public Libraries, Nigeria

This study examined the incentives and motivation of workers in Delta State Public Libraries, Nigeria. The population of the study consisted of 260 public library staff selected from the various public libraries in Delta State through simple random sampling technique. Data for the study were gathered using questionnaire as the main instrument. Descriptive statistics involving […]

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Internet and Plagiarism: Awareness, Attitude and Perception of Students of Secondary Schools

The aim of this research is to provide to secondary school students and school administrators in Nigerian educational sector a better understanding on students’ awareness of Internet plagiarism, attitudes towards plagiarism and perception of plagiarism in the context of writing and doing other assignments online. Methodology adopted is the survey design in which questionnaires and […]

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Health Information Needs and Sources Utilization by Undergraduates of University of Abuja, Nigeria

Health information needs of Youths have been undermined in many countries in Africa. It has been established that health habits developed during the youthful age affect the health status in later years. This study investigates the healthy information needs of Nigerian undergraduates in selected universities in Nigeria. The survey research design was adopted for this […]

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Relationship of Noise to Undergraduate Students’ Use of Federal University Libraries in Nigeria

A quiet environment is essential for any meaningful academic work to be achieved in a university library. This paper, therefore, assessed the level of noise in federal university libraries in Nigeria to determine the extent to which it affects undergraduate students’ use of the university libraries. The survey research method was used for the study […]

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