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Awareness of Online Public Access Catalogue among the Students of Kwara State University, Malete, Kwara State, Nigeria

This study investigated awareness of Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) among students of Kwara State University (KWASU), Malete. The objectives of the study were o: (i) ascertain Kwasu student’s level of awareness of the availability of OPAC;and (ii) ascertain the medium through which students get to be aware of OPAC. The descriptive research design was […]

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Attitude of OPAC users at Regional Institute of Education, Mysuru: A Survey

Online Public Access Catalogue for libraries appeared since around three decades and Web OPACs began to emerge in the late 1990’s. The literature review has revealed that the behaviour of academic libraries users has drastically changed in recent years. Many academic libraries are migrating to Web based Online Catalogue from traditional text-based versions. The OPACs […]

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Integration of PDF Flip Book Reader in Koha OPAC for Easy Access and Dissemination of Fulltext Library Resources among the Users

Book is an important and inevitable document for any library. Without book library cannot exist in the society. Library is a collection of resources of different types of documents like books, films, maps, periodicals, newspapers, e-books, audio books, databases, manuscripts and other resources. Actually these are the bibliographic information in integrated library management and retrieval […]

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Information Cooperation and User Service among Technical Institute Libraries, Reference to Ghaziabad Region

The development of libraries and information services in India is examined. There are some major issues which are related to library cooperation such as financial resources, adequacy of library col-lection, collection development practices, uniform standards of the technical processing of the library materials and experienced professional manpower. The analysis of these issues brought out factors […]

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The Use of Search Strategies in OPAC: A Comparative Study of Central Library, IIT Delhi; P. K. Kelkar Library, IIT Kanpur and Allama Iqbal Library, Kashmir University

Automated cataloguing has greatly enhanced the search and retrieval operations of libraries. The online computerized catalogue popularly known as OPAC lets to search the terms of user’s choice throughout the database of the holdings of a particular library. Users can make choice from a menu of different options through simple, advance, phrase searching, etc. in […]

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Diminishing Use of Library Services by the Students of an Engineering Institution in Odisha, India

This paper intends to evaluate the use of library services by the students of a premier engineering institution in Odisha, India. Moreover, the paper intends to explore the possible dimensions of declining trend of library use. The study adopts questionnaire method of data collection. The paper deduces that the decreasing trend of library use is […]

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