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Opportunities and Barriers of Indian Open Access Repositories

Provides a brief overview of open access (OA) and highlights on growth of open access repository (OAR) movement all over the World including India. Highlights on some of the major initiatives taken by Indian government time to time in order to popularizing OARs movement throughout the country. The main objective of the study is to [...]

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Developing Open Access Institutional Digital Repository Using Open Source Software: A Step by Step Guide

Reports the designing and development of an open access (OA) institutional digital repository (IDR) model (BURA – Burdwan University Research Archive) using DSpace software ( Describes various steps involved in administering DSpace like creating and maintaining Communities, Sub-communities and Collections under community/sub-community etc. Also demonstrates different steps involved in submission process and proposes incorporation of [...]

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Knowledge Resource Sharing Among the Building Research Institutes: At A Global Level

Research is a continuous process to generate new knowledge from the existing knowledge for further advancement. The output of research generates publication and or patent known as Intellectual Property.  This knowledge must be disseminated and shared with the others who are engaged in the same kind of work to avoid duplication. The new ideas generated [...]

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