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Developing Open Access Institutional Digital Repository Using Open Source Software: A Step by Step Guide

Reports the designing and development of an open access (OA) institutional digital repository (IDR) model (BURA – Burdwan University Research Archive) using DSpace software (http://www.dspace.org/). Describes various steps involved in administering DSpace like creating and maintaining Communities, Sub-communities and Collections under community/sub-community etc. Also demonstrates different steps involved in submission process and proposes incorporation of [...]

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Directory of Open Access Journals: A Scientrometric Study of Surgery Journals

This research paper examines the surgery focused journals represented in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) during 2003 – 2013. A total of 107 surgery journals were examined by journals published by country, journals by year commence publications, publications of journals by language, publication of journals by language patterns, subject headings of e-journals on [...]

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Changing Role of Academic Librarians in Open Access Environment

Application of information and communication technology is supporting various ways of scholarly communication. The transition from print to electronic and paid resources to open access resources has a great impact on information society and resulted open access movement. This paper enumerates various declarations on open access and discusses the impact of open access on libraries particularly on the role [...]

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Open Access Institutional Repository in the University of Jos: Issues and Challenges

The focus of this study is the use of Open Access Institutional Repository (OAIR) by academic staff of the University of Jos, issues and challenges. This is of interest as OAIR is in consonant with advances in information storage, retrieval and effective service provision in academic institutions. The study is guided by four objectives and [...]

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Growing Trend towards Open Access Publishing at Global Level: An Analysis of Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

Technology has revolutionized every sphere of human activity and so has it taken into its savvy the publishing world. Publishers are somewhat compelled to adapt to hybrid publishing techniques, whereby they have started offering both print and electronic format of published material, especially the way people have started showing keen interest towards the electronic documents. [...]

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Awareness of Lecturers in South-South Federal Universities in Nigeria of Institutional Repositories

Scholars have increasingly expressed dissatisfaction with the existing model of scholarly communication such as high subscription prices for journals and restricted access. These issues have contributed to the quest for alternative modes of preservation and dissemination of information such as institutional repositories (IRs). The purpose of the study is to assess the level of awareness [...]

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Review of International Librarianship Open-Access Journals Conformity with ISO Standards

This article is about the comparison of international librarianship open-access journals with ISO standards, a checklist consisting 109 informational items has been developed.108 journals published on the Directory of open access journals site have been studied. The data are as follows: ISO standards compliance in open- access journals is below 50% , standards compliance  with [...]

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Open Access to scholarly information in India: Trends and Developments

Purpose – Focuses on the Open Access initiatives and describes some of the current open access channels and the areas where India has made significant progress. Also discusses the significance of those trends for information access in developing countries like India including problems and possible solutions. Design/methodology/approach – Analyzes and discusses several successful OA channels [...]

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Changing the Archetype of Information Dissemination Using Open Source Digital Library Technology

The world of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is changing rapidly. New technologies and new opportunities come and go at an ever-increasing speed. The Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) movement is one such development that is drawing great attention among libraries and library professionals. It offers many opportunities for government organizations, private sector, and [...]

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