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Value Added Services in Library Management System: Marching Towards an Era of Open Source Software

Modern libraries have been providing value added services and catering to diverse technologically savvy patron base. Libraries are acclimatizing to digital technology by adopting Library Management Systems (LMS) that work with most of the existing facilities or minimal additional financial investments. Professionals are well aware of Open Source Software (OSS) and their applications in LMS […]

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Information Retrieval Features of Text Retrieval Engines: A Case Study of Lucene

The paper provides an overview of open access repositories movement in India and highlights on the features and functionalities of some popular open source text retrieval engines viz. Lucene, Solr and Zebra used by the most popular digital library software namely DSpace, NewGenLib and Koha. Paper describes the search features supported by Lucene search engine […]

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Developing Open Access Institutional Digital Repository Using Open Source Software: A Step by Step Guide

Reports the designing and development of an open access (OA) institutional digital repository (IDR) model (BURA – Burdwan University Research Archive) using DSpace software ( Describes various steps involved in administering DSpace like creating and maintaining Communities, Sub-communities and Collections under community/sub-community etc. Also demonstrates different steps involved in submission process and proposes incorporation of […]

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Current Status of Chinese Open Access Institutional Repositories: A Case Study

The present study mainly focuses on the current status of Chinese Open Access Institutional Repositories: A Case Study.The present study attempts to determine the current status of open access institutional repositories in China based on the four key constraints, i.e. number of IRs, types, subjects and contents and software used. To fulfill the specified objectives, […]

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Changing Paradigm: Enhancing LIS Education using Moodle Open Source Software: A Study

With the advent of information and communication technology (ICT), educational institutions all over the World are leveraging ICT to improve the quality of teaching, thereby increasing the level of student achievement. This paper examines the possibilities of applying open source learning management systems (LMS) in the teaching and learning process of Department of Library & […]

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Global Visibility of Indian Open Access Institutional Digital Repositories

Highlights the current state of open access institutional digital repositories (IDRs) of India. It describes and compares characteristics of all institutional digital repositories in terms of content types, repository type, number of records, software used, disciplines covered, languages, technical and operational issues, and policy matter. Lastly, key findings have been highlighted along with suggestions for […]

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