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Mapping the Research Collaboration of India and China: A Scientometric Study

The trend of Indian collaboration with China was evaluated on the basis of research articles indexed in Web of Science (WoS)-Science Citation Index Expanded online database for twenty years’ period from 1994 to 2013. There were 500404 articles retrieved on India as indexed in WoS database for the period, out of which 5062 (1.01%) articles […]

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Consequences of Political Instabilities on Research and EResource Usage: A Study of University of Kashmir

The study explores usage of electronic resources by the academicians in Kashmir (Indian Administered) in the times of conflict (2009-2010) and peace (2011-2012). It is an attempt to investigate the influence of political conditions on the usage of electronic resources. The study also focuses on the research output of University of Kashmir during these years. Statistics of usage provided […]

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