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Scholarly Publications of Central Universities: Study based on Indian Citation Index

This article is a study about research performance of Central Universities in India. The data were collected from Indian Citation Index, which compiled records for the period 2015-2016. There are 47 central universities are functioning across the country. Article publications which are indexed at Indian Citation Index were taken for the study as university wise, […]

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Impact of Electronic Information Resources on Users of Social Science Departments in Gulbarga University

The purpose of this paper is to describe the impact of electronic Information resources on user of social science in Gulbarga University. A questionnaire was used to find the answer of questions about the awareness and usage of e resources among user, to identify the level of satisfaction, to measure the impact of electronic resources […]

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Grievances of Librarians of Government College Libraries: A case study of Western Odisha

The purpose of this study is to examine the Grievances of librarians of Govt. College Libraries .It explains and presents an analysis of 60 Government Librarian of Degree College Libraries in Western in the field of research have various Grievances. Government’s academic, special and Public libraries have always been playing a vital role in supporting […]

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Information seeking behavior of the Students at Mandava Institute of Engineering and Technology: A survey

However, considerably less attention has been paid to learned characteristics of relationships that affect the decision to seek information from other people. Based on a review of the information seeking behavior of students at Mandava institute of engineering and technology. This paper explains the reviews of how students are search and seeking for online information […]

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Application of Scientific Methods in Library and Information Research: A Case Study of Librarians in South East Nigeria

This study is a survey of the application of scientific methods to research among librarians in South East Nigeria. It examines the purpose for the application of scientific methods to research, as well as the obstacles that librarians in South east Nigeria face in their bid to apply scientific methods to research. Survey method was […]

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