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The Influence of ICT Literacy Skills on Electronic Resources Use by Distance Learning Students of Delta State University, Abraka

The study was an investigation into the influence of ICT literacy skills on electronic resources use with particular reference to Delta state University, Abraka. A descriptive survey design was used. To select the sample used. Purposive sampling techniques were adopted and a fraction of 3% of the sample size was chosen from two faculties. Three departments were selected from each of the selected faculty. Data were collected through the use of a structured questionnaire. A total number of two hundred and eighty four (284) respondents were used. However two hundred and thirty (230) questionnairesof about 82% returned and found usable. The completed structured questionnaires were analyzed using frequency counts and percentage. Findings from the study revealed that 95 (33.0 %) used electronic journal for other purpose while online public Access and radio lecture were the least used by the students with 15 (5.2%) using it for other purpose and assignment respectively. The result also shows that institutional audio tape and computer were readily available for use by distance learning students with 120 (41.7%) and114 (37.6) respectively while 23 (8.0%) respondents agreed that the internet/ e-mail facilities were not available for access at Delta state University distance learning centre. The study specifically identified information literacy skills as the major challenge faces by learners in the utilization and access of electronic resources.
The study recommended among other things that distance learning students be exposed to the ICT facilities and web/internet usage. This assumed increased use and exposure to the web/internet will give rise to increase level of ICT literacy skills.

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