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The Place of School Library Services in the Intellectual Development of Students

This study has examined the place of school library services in the intellectual development of students. The study was carried out to identify the basic services which help children to acquire the basic knowledge for development. The researchers employed ex-post facto research design through effective literature review; hence the information collected through secondary sources were discussed qualitatively. It was discovered that the role of library services in the intellectual development of children include that it enhance the reading culture of children, help them to study fiction and non-fiction materials, encourage children to understand the meaning of many concepts and words of their interest, and motivates children for learning. Also, the major challenges which affects the utilization of school library for children intellectual development includes non availability/accessibility of children materials in some of the school libraries, lack of adequate finance to procure children materials, inadequate staff training to understand the area of children literature/interest, and poor facilities like electricity in the school libraries. Based on the finding, it was recommended that there should be provision of needed resources and equipments in the school libraries which are of interest to children so as to encourage children reading culture and intellectual development. Also, the school library staff should be trained so as to identify the area of children’ literature/interest so that the materials will be procured.

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