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The Role of Domain Information Specialist in Knowledge Driven Society

This paper presents the existing role of librarian, which is like a rope in a very real tug of war – pulled one way by customers increasing demands and the opposite way by company’s need for growth and profitability. It is found that, they can make balance only by aligning themselves with the goals of organization and maintaining balance between push & pull of information. It is possible only when librarian transformed himself or herself into domain information specialist who will provide customized information keeping in view the goals of the organization. We can say that the domain information specialist is an individual who is both knowledgeable and able to analyze the expectation of the users in terms of the organization goal by acquiring special knowledge or skills in retrieving, analyzing, customizing and disseminating information as per need. Redefining the traditional view of a library and its services, the domain information Specialist realize that real measure of success depends how well we can customize information and create value for customers.
In other words, Librarians have to recast their roles as a domain information Specialist. They need to work as knowledge workers. That means librarian’s role should not be limited to being the custodian or gatekeepers of information. They have to move from the background to the centre of the organizational stage, to jointly hold the reins of knowledge management with users and technology experts.

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