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The role of ICTs and indigenous knowledge in enhancing household food security in Tanzania

This paper focuses on how indigenous knowledge is used in food processing, preserving and storage to enhance food security in semi arid Tanzania. The article revealed that women use more indigenous knowledge in activities related to food processing, preserving and storage in Tanzania as compared to men.
The paper found types of foods such as milk, maize, millet, sorghum, melon, pumpkins beans and their leave are being processed, preserved and stored using indigenous knowledge means. The study revealed that indigenous knowledge used to secure food among others includes smokes and ashes. The paper further identified the ways such as stories, songs, folklore, proverbs, dances, myths, rituals in which indigenous knowledge is acquired, created, stored, disseminated, retrieved and used among women in processing, preserving and storing of household food for its security.
The paper found that the use of ICT facilities such as computers, mobile phones, and scanners can foster and enhance indigenous knowledge acquisition, creation, storage, retrieving, disseminating and use of indigenous knowledge for food processing, preserving and storing in developing countries.

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