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Trends in the Use of ICT in Reference Services Provision: An Exploratory Study of Nigerian Academic Libraries

Reference service has traditionally played a crucial role in the delivery of library services especially in academic libraries. The deployment of ICT has brought about a revolution in the concept of reference services in libraries. Most libraries in developing countries like Nigeria are yet to fully apply ICT to all their operations and services. The study therefore examined the present state of deployment of ICT in carrying out reference services and effect of ICT skills of reference librarians on reference service delivery.
The study revealed that libraries applied ICT facilities such as computers, internet and databases in carrying out reference services. However, the level of ICT involvement in reference services was average. There was also significant relationship between the use of ICT and improved reference services provision (r=0.07, P>0.5) and ICT skills of Reference librarians and reference service provided (r=0.101, P>0.5).

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