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Usage and Awareness of E-Resources by Lecturers in Two Selected Nigerian Universities

This research work examines the level of Usage and Awareness of E-resources by lecturers in two Universities in Nigeria; this was done with a view to survey the exposure of lecturers to electronic information resources. The population of the study consists of lecturers from the Federal University, Otuoke and the Western Delta University, Oghara. The questionnaire is the instrument used for data collection. Frequency count and simple percentage was used to analyze the data collected. Results from the study revealed that the respondents were aware of e-resources and that the level of usage is high. E-journals and E-books were identified as the mostly consulted e-resources. It was discovered that the main purpose of using e-resources by the lecturers is for research work and the channel of access of these electronic information resources is through the search engines and the University e-library. Majority of the respondents indicated that they were very satisfied with the level of e-resources used in the University. However, slow internet services, erratic power supply, inadequate computers, lack of online access, lack of technical knowhow and lack of e-resources have been identified as major constraints militating against effective use of e-resources in the selected Universities. Necessary recommendations were suggested.

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