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Use of CD-ROM databases by faculty and students in the Nursing College Libraries: A Study

The purpose of the study is to explore the awareness and usage of CD-ROM Databases by the faculty and students of Nursing College Libraries. In order to collect the comprehensive and relevant data for the study, a well- designed questionnaire is used for collecting the primary data. The scope of the study is confined to selected five colleges, which are engaged in importing Degree level course in the field of Nursing. The study focused on the use of CD-ROM database by staff and students in Nursing College libraries functioning within the territorial jurisdiction of the Bangalore city.
CD-ROM Databases play the vital role for upgrading facilities and improving services to effectively meet the information needs of users. The present era is an era of information and knowledge revolution. Many electronic resources have been made most available in the libraries. The paper deals with Awareness of CD-ROM database, Reasons of not using of the CD-ROMs, Frequently use of CD-ROMs, Use of information sources on CD-ROMs, Borrow of CD-ROMs, Adequacy of CD-ROMs available, Opinion about CD-ROM databases, Purpose of accessing the CD-ROM databases , Comparison of CD-ROM databases with print sources, and Relevancy & accuracy of CD-ROM databases.

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