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Use of E-journals Among the Library Patrons: A Survey of Indira Group of Institutes, Pune

The advancement of e-journal during recent years has given librarians a powerful tool to support learning and research to academics. As electronic information and its access has grown, selection of information sources has become complex. Understanding user behavior with electronic services is now a major concern of journal publishers, librarians, and others. This research focuses on the usage use of E-journals and users attitude towards electronic journals and examines the user behavior with electronic services at various libraries of Indira Group of Institutes, Pune. The study also examines the search pattern of e-journals and their satisfaction level about infrastructure to support the access of e-journals. Majority of the users are satisfied with availability of e-journals. Post graduate students explained that the purpose behind of using e-journal is for preparing of course work whereas faculty members communicated that they used it for updating their subject knowledge.

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