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Demographic Variables, Self-Efficacy and Work-Family Conflict among Women Librarians in Ondo State Nigeria

This study examined the independent as well as collective effects of demographic variables and self-efficiency on work family conflict among women academic Librarians working in tertiary institutions in ondo State-Nigeria. Total enumerative survey method was adopted to carry out the study with the aid of questionnier. The study revealed that women academic Librarians exhibit high level of self-efficacy and that there was a low level of work family conflict among the respondents, which suggest a moderate or high level control over work responsibilities among the participants. It was further revealed that there was a significant relationship between self-efficacy and work-family conflict while demographic variable (relationship status, age and work place) did not predict their work-family conflict. Recommendations were therefore offered to ensure smooth task operation among the respondents, their male counterparts and members of the faculty in general.

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