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Use of ERMED Consortium facilities by Faculty of Stanley Medical College, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

The study focused on use of ERMED consortium facilities by faculty of Stanley Medical College (SMC) Chennai, Tamilnadu. A total number of 63 users are taken into account for the study through a questionnaire based survey method. The collected data were classified, analyzed, and tabulated by using simple statistical methods. This study covers the impact of ERMED consortium resources on users in the library. The major findings are majority of the respondents, 57 of them (90.476%) were female and the remaining 6 respondents (9.523%) were male. Majority of the respondents are satisfied with availability of online e-resources available in the library. The results of the study are also indicates that majority of the users are Assistant Professors. The users are good opinion about the e-resources provided by the publishers.

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