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Use of ICT Based Resources and Services among the Users of Arts and Science Colleges in Virudhunagar District: A Study

The present paper explains about the ICT resources and their use by the faculty members, research scholars and students in the Arts and Science colleges of Virudhunagar District. Developments in ICT have made significant impact on all spheres of human life. The data is collected through a questionnaire to study the information need for the faculty members, research scholars and various students in Arts and Science colleges of Virudhunagar District. This paper describes the use of ICT based resources and services by the faculty members, research scholars and students. This paper discussed the awareness adequacy, purpose, usefulness, and satisfaction level of using ICT based resources among the users of arts and science colleges in Virudhunagar District.ICT has introduced new methods of teaching and conducting research in education facilities for online learning, teaching and research collaboration. This paper has revealed that the ICT available in Arts and Science Colleges in Virudhunagar District are more helpful in fulfilling their information needs.
There is a need to train the faculty members, research scholars and students to use the ICT.

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