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Use of ICT Resources and Services at Selected Government Grant-in-Aid University Libraries in Gujarat- A Study

During the last 50 years, the world has witnessed important changes; in particular, information and communication technology (ICTs) has brought a revolution in every sphere of life. The present study highlights the use of information and communication technology resources and provides information and communication technology based library services at selected government grant-in-aid university libraries in Gujarat State. Efforts were made to know the availability of library collection of e-resources, e-databases, hardware and software’s infrastructure, status of library automation at these government grant-in-aid university libraries. The paper also highlights on the availability of internet connectivity, Wi-Fi facility, digital library facilities, availability or use of no. of various ICT resources, university libraries provided which types of ICT based library services, what is the libraries annual budget, university libraries problems of implementation of ICT in library services/activities and libraries future plans for using ICTs are also discussed. The results of the study show that majority of the government grant-in-aid university libraries were effectively using information and communication technology-ICTs.

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