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Use of Indexing and Abstracting Service by the Customers of Fisheries College of SKUAST Kashmir

The study discuses the Use of indexing and abstracting services by the customers of fisheries college , and to find out the problems hindering the use of indexing and abstracting services by the customers. A survey research method was employed in conduct of this study. 30 students from the faculty were selected for conducting survey. The instrument used for data collection was questionnaire; the data collected for the study were presented and analyzed using descriptive statistics. Frequency tables, simple percentages were used for the study. The study discovered majority of the library users were not using the indexing and abstracting services due to lack of awareness of their availability and Lack of currency of the resources in library. the study recommended that awareness should be created for the users to enable them use this services in accessing relevant information without the waste of time. Which can be achieved through orientation and publicizing its services.

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