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Use of Internet by the Faculty and Academic Staff Members: A Survey Study of Swift Group of Colleges Rajpura in the Disciplines of Medical Science

The present study has been undertaken to use the Internet by the Faculty and academic staff members: A survey study of Swift Group of Colleges Rajpura in the disciplines of Medical Science. A well structured questionnaire was distributed among the faculty and academic staff members of two selected departments of Swift Group of Colleges Rajpura. The responses were gathered from 35 users (23 Teachers and 15 academic staff members). The most significant finding was that 85.7% SGOC respondents i.e. teachers and academic staff members used the Internet daily, 8.57% weekly followed by 5.71% thrice in a week. Majority of them 60.0% respondents were mostly using the E-journals under the internet resources, while 32.0% were E-database and 8.0% E-Books use it with the requirement of Information need. It was suggested that the library should organize training programme for the information professionals so that they can know about different search interface, latest changes of the journals site and develop sophisticated searching and retrieval skills or techniques. It was also suggested that the speed of Internet should be increased so that the respondents can speedily access the information and utilize the information i.e. research work, education work, writing paper/presenting paper, administrative work, entertainment and also their download relevant materials.

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