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Use of Internet Resources and Services by Faculty of Technical Institutions in Mysore: A Survey

The purpose of present study is to examine how the faculties of technical institutions use the internet resources and its services for their academic activities. The study is intended to explore the use of internet in all its multiplicity, awareness of its services, the problems faced while browsing the NET and influence of the internet on their Academics. The survey research method was adopted for the study and questionnaire method of data collection was employed. A total 230 questionnaires were distributed to faculty from 5 engineering streams among five engineering colleges of Mysore and 196 filled questionnaires were received. The overall response rate was 85.21%. The study findings reveal that more than 85% of respondents use the internet every day and also have more than 4 years of experience in using the internet. 95.92% of the respondents use internet for academic assistance although ‘e-journals’ (mean2.56) and ‘e-books’ are most preferred types of internet resources. Among the various internet services, ‘e-mail’ (95.41%) and ‘World Wide Web’ (92.35%) are most preferred. ‘Time saving’ and ‘Easy to use’ is two main advantages to use internet resources as compared with conventional resources. 73.47% of the respondents stated that the internet could not replace the library services, but rather act as a supplement.

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