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     A Quarterly Open Access Journal

Use of Knowledge Organization Tools for Information Processing, in Library Complex of NIMS University, Jaipur, India

This article work titled “use of knowledge organization tools for information processing, in library complex of NIMS University Jaipur”. The study is to find out the use of knowledge organization tools in libraries. To achieve the objectives of the study, three (3) research questions were raised for the study. Survey research was adopted for the study whereby, randomly sampled were used for the study. The study found out that, access to current or up to date materials was the purpose for using these tools, and access to wider range of information. The study finds out that these tools are access through (internet, manual, membership) free, borrow, fee and registered. Whereby, most of these tools are moderately free in terms of internet while few can only be accessible through registered. The study revealed that lack of I.C.T knowledge to effectively utilize the tools is the major factor that hinders access to KOT, and limited access to the tools hindered them from accessing these tools. This study recommends that If social media should be introduced i.e with it you can communicate with your partner in case of any problem while using these tools and focus should be made to develop knowledge organization tools and practices that may facilitate instant packaging and repackaging of information content giving due credit to authorship and respect to copyright laws.

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