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Use of Library Resources among Post Graduate Students in Engineering College Virudhunagar District, Tamilnadu

The study was aimed at identifying the needs and the level of awareness of the student community on networks such as internet and the like. Descriptive method has been used in this research. A total of 150 questionnaires were distributed but 120 were returned duly filled in. A structured questionnaire was designed for collecting data from the chosen sample group. The data obtained were analyzed using Simple Percentile analysis to generate tables and to arrive at conclusion.
Further, the study was limited to postgraduate students of engineering colleges in virudhunagar district, as the study is to know information seeking behaviour of the P.G students in the digital environment.
More than ninety seven percent of students were using library for study activities while 2.5 % do not feel so. 30.84 % of students were using the text books as the most consulted source whereas 40.83 % were using electronic resources; 28.33 % of users were suing print journal, Internet and other sources. Majority (95 %) of students were aware of search engines, while only 5 % do not know what it means. 83.33 % of students have opined that ‘Google & Yahoo’ are the most sought after search engines they have used. Also, the results indicated that the library and its resources can be expected to be used by the coming day generations and they are eager to learn everything.

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