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Use of Online Databases in the Faculty of Arts at Aligarh Muslim University and University of Delhi

This paper examines the use and purpose of use of online databases among the users of Faculty of Arts in Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and University of Delhi (DU). For this study, survey method was used to find out the level of use, level of satisfaction, problems and training needed for accessing the online databases. A total number of 467 and 1772 questionnaires were distributed among the Faculty members, Research scholars and Postgraduates in faculty of Arts in AMU and DU, out of which 389 and 1463 were completed and returned back by respondents, showing overall response rate of 83.29% and 82.56% from AMU and DU respectively. The result reveals that user groups of DU are more aware and use online databases more than users of AMU. The study further reveals that the majority of the users access the online databases for retrieving information mainly for teaching and research purposes. Annual Review and JSTOR are the most widely used database in Faculty of Arts. The study concludes with some suggestions for better utilization of online database among users in faculty of Arts in AMU and DU.

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