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User Awareness and Use of E-Journals among Education Faculty Members in Chennai: A Survey

The developments in information technology have made drastic changes in the way the information is collected, stored, retrieved, and distributed. Electronic journal is one of the products of information and communication technologies. The advancement of e-journal during recent years has given librarians a powerful new resource to support learning and research. This study reports the result of a survey conducted at education faculty members in Chennai to determine the extent to which user are aware and make use of e-journals. The study also examines the search pattern of e-journals. A questionnaire was distributed among the faculty members to collect desired data. A total of 300 questionnaires were distributed to the selected sample of Library users; 278 valid samples were collected. The studies found that majority (92.30%) of the male users were aware about the e- journals whereas only 83.33 % of female respondents were aware about the availability of e-journals. The analysis reveals that most of the respondents 71.22% use e-journals for writing papers.

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